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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Free Knitting Patterns

Free Knitting Patterns
Caring for your knitted items
When I have spent hours working on a sweater even from a free knitting pattern, I want to make sure it looks as good after a dozen washes as it did the day I was knitting it.
Here's how I care for the things made from my free knitting patterns. I always use luke warm water. I actually don't use detergent. I use my shampoo. I figure if it's mild enough but effective enough for my hair it must be good enough for my free knitting pattern designs. I add about a teaspoon. I swoosh the sweater around in the soapy water for a while then let it soak for at least fifteen minutes.
I drain the water, squashing the sweater into the bowl to get rid of the water. I rinse with luke warm water as many times as it takes until the water is clear. I am pressing the knitting against the sides of the bowl. I don't wring it tight as I don't want to lose the shape. I then lay the knitting on a flat clean towel. I roll the towel up with the desing from my free knitting patter inside and press a little. I find this gets rid of a lot of the water. If you have a mesh sweater dryer then lay it out carefully shaping the sweater to its original proportions so it remains as designed on the free knitting pattern. If you don't have one the you can just place the knitting on a fresh towel. This takes longer to dry and I suggest changing to a dry towel and flipping the sweater over so it dries quicker.
Obviously I never hang a sweater, not even on padded hangers as I find it stretches the shoulders with the weight of the wet sweater.
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Free Knitting Patterns

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